Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014 17:00 - 00:30

20.05. Kultur Dienstag #25

Ein Buffet der Kulturen – kalt – warm - salzig - süss!

21:00 Uhr Konzert (DAS KONZERT FÄLLT AUS!)

balkan-strassen-chanson: A Macedonian clarinet
a French-Brazilian trombone
an Australian drummer
a Swisscheese guitar
…and a beautiful chanteuse - these are The NOZEZ.

A collective of musicians, actors, and stage-artists, who met in the streets of Zürich, playing for the sake of melodies, stories and dance. For a handful of coins and a bottle of wine, we perform in bars, in the streets, at weddings, funerals and everywhere music is needed. Or we shout out in the streets of Europe and play a delirious waltz at first morning light, with the last dancers of the vanished night.

The Band
Tarek Beswik - trombone, vocals, paris (france) Tome Iliev - clarinet, vocals, kavadarci (macedonia) Tobias Bienz- guitar, vocals, winterthur (switzerland) Adam Jeffrey - drums, vocals, sydney (australia)